Winter memes are beginning to appear in your Facebook newsfeed, which mean colder temperatures and the chance of ice weather are close at hand. Winter isn’t just hard on your heating bill. It also takes its toll on your vehicle. Tire pressure drops. Batteries die. Windows need to be de-iced. And each of these things can happen before you even pull out onto an icy road. Fortunately, most winter-weather problems can be avoided with a few simple preventive measures. If you’re unsure of how to winterize your BMW, you can always bring it into Crown BMW for an expert winter car check. If you prefer to do it yourself, here are three things to check before winter arrives. 

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  1. Check your fluids. Before the temperature plummets, make sure you have enough antifreeze in your engine coolant. Antifreeze should work for up to -13°F to protect your radiator from freezing, which would potentially damage your engine. You’ll also want to check your windshield wiper fluid, because if it freezes, it could dangerously decrease your windshield’s visibility while driving. Make sure you have enough antifreeze in your wiper fluid to prevent the hoses and nozzles from freezing.
  2. Check your tires. If you’ve been putting off new tires, now is the time to get this taken care of. Having enough tread is pivotal when encountering things like snow, mud, and icy weather conditions. The grooves of your tire tread need to be deep and wide enough to grip the road and have sufficient traction should you encounter any hazardous winter weather conditions on the road.
  3. Check your battery. Car batteries are one of the leading causes for roadside breakdowns, and the last place you want to be on the way to your holiday is stranded on the side of the road. Car batteries need to be replaced every six years, but if you frequently drive short distances, make sure to garage test your battery to see how much life is still left in your battery. If it’s looking low, you can use a battery charger to add a little more life to your battery.  

Don’t wait until the first ice warning to winterize your vehicle.

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