4 Fall Luxury Care Tips for You! 

Pumpkin spice latte's, falling leaves and cooler temperatures all mark the familiar feeling of the fall season being in full swing. And as we all know the new season can also bring additional wear and tear to our luxury vehicles. Here are four tips that you need to prepare your luxury vehicle to help ensure that it keeps running in the most excellent of shapes this autumn season. 

1. Always start first with your Owner's Manual 

Every luxury vehicle is different and experiences their own maintenance schedules. BMW for example does a great job of listing the basic maintenance you can preform on your vehicle yourself as well as the information you need on the best ways to have your vehicle professionally maintained. They also go the above the norm by having your owner’s manuals available digitally just by entering your cars specific VIN in their portal, in case you no longer have access to the physical copy.

2. Protect that Paint Job! 

Having to perform a paint-job on a luxury vehicle is no laughing matter, on average customers who receive higher-quality paint jobs can range from paying $5,000 to $10,000 with a median range of about $5,550. So we know no one is really looking forward to having to repaint their expensive beauties unnecessarily due to weather conditions. The first step to prepping your paint this fall is keep it cleaned and washed all throughout the season. Thoroughly wash your vehicles using a car cleaning solution regularly. This is going to help remove debris that may be able to scratch your luxury vehicle's finish. Once your vehicle’s exterior is dirt free, apply or have applied a high-quality paint sealer to protect its finish. Synthetic paint sealants help assure your vehicles paint job isn’t affected by road salts, water and chemicals used on the roads during colder weather months. High quality paint sealants can last an upwards of 6 months, so this shouldn’t be something needed to be done more than twice a year.

3. Check and Change your fluid levels

At the start of the weather change make sure to the time to take your car to your trusted mechanic and have your coolant ratio adjusted. Lower temperatures also require different type of fluids and demand a higher level of performance from your opulent ride. A 50/50 mix of anti-freeze and water is usually recommended, but some sources also suggest a 60/40 split. Taking it to your vehicle's professional will insure that the correct amount is used to assist your vehicle running in the best shape. Your battery, windshield wipers and transmission fluid should also be checked and flushed if needed. 

4. Refill your emergency kit or get one! 

An emergency kit should be readily on-hand and in your car at all times. There are a myriad of prepackaged car emergency kits on the market ranging in price from $18 to $70 if your vehicle manufactures didn’t already provide one. In the luxury segment it is usually provided, but you can always just DIY it and make your own by including these simple must have items. You will need:  Jumper cables, water, gloves, emergency blanket, first-aid kit, three reflective waning triangle tire gauge (you should have from checking your tires), flashlight with extra batteries, rags, duct tape, rain poncho, multi-purpose utility tool and nonperishable snacks. Of course, you shouldn’t limit yourself to just what’s on this list, but this a great head start!

As always our service center is at your service for any of the services mentioned above. Click here to schedule your next service with your trusted Crown BMW of Greensboro dealership and experience fall service savings while they last.

Happy driving! 
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