The Best Time to Buy Your Next Luxury Vehicle is here! 3 Tips to Score the Best Deals On it!

The Best Time to Buy Your Next Luxury Vehicle is here! 3 Tips to Score the Best Deals On it!



Whether you’re aware or not, car buying season is among us. For veteran vehicle purchaser’s, who aren’t swayed by summer buy out sales and savings, know that this time of the year and beyond is actually one of the best times to score the best deal on your next vehicle purchase. Here are 3 tips to help you save thousands on your next luxury car.

1. Timing is Everything

The time you choose to purchase your car is crucial to you receiving the deals that you deserve on your next vehicle. Reported by a recent study performed by that Monday, is actually the best day of the week to score the best deals on your vehicle. As most people buy cars on the weekends, walking into a dealership on a Monday, helps dealers “give way” the best savings to entice customers to buy who may have been laggards, or trickle-ins who didn’t make it that weekend. Another great time to purchase is the last day & week of the month. Dealerships have certain quotas that they have to and want to reach each month. So visiting on the last day and week of the month, helps sales manager, owners etc. to give you a better deal simply to sell another unit that helps the get closer to their monthly goal.


2. Be Aware of the Incentives Available to You

All vehicle manufactures from economy to luxury markets have incentives/rebates etc. afforded to their customer’s as incentives for you to purchase now. Always be aware of the savings out there for you at the time you are purchasing. For instance, from now until 1/1/2018 BMW is offerings its customers 0% APR AND No payments on all NEW BMW models. Can you believe that? Yes, that is happening now!


3. There are Seasons for Better Car Buying: You Need to know Them

Just like we mentioned previously, car buying season is among us whether you’re privy to it or not. Early fall is documented as one the best times to purchase a new vehicle, if you aren’t absolutely stuck on receiving the latest-latest model. As when early fall approaches, most dealers are trying to get rid of their current year inventory to make room for the upcoming model year. For our purposes, dealers would be getting rid of the current 2017 models around this time to make room for the higher priced and less discounted 2018 models. Another perfect time to be aware of for your luxury vehicle purchases are the December months and more specifically Christmas. During this time, in December, historically, new luxury car dealers struggle to sell cars. Being that most people are buying gifts too and not all the time is a luxury car included in that. So try walking into a dealership the week before or after Christmas and see what deals you can negotiate down to. Also happening during December, is that SUV’s see their biggest discounts during this month. Popular luxury SUV’s benefit from the trend of being in the best interest of dealership’s to move several cars at the end of the year to reach their goals after being on the cusp of a big quarterly bonus or annual sales bonus.

So there you have it, here are some the industries’ best insider information that luxury vehicle consumers can you to get the best bang for their buck this new car buying season.

If you’re ready to take advantage of BMW’s O interest and No Payments incentive at Crown BMW of Greensboro click here to view our lastest inventory, or stop on by. See you soon! 

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